Reel Causes Partners with VSAFF to present Rooibos Restitution

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Join Reel Causes at the Vancouver South African Film Festival from March 27th to 29th.

We’re proud to partner on the film Rooibos Restitution.

Have you ever had rooibos tea? Ever wonder where it comes from? Sure, South Africa, but where? How? Who? Rooibos Restitution tells the story of the Indigenous San and Khoi people and their struggle to be recognized as the original knowledge holders of the uses of rooibos. They have staked their claim to legal ownership of something entirely intangible – the traditional knowledge of their ancestors. They’ve also fought for a share of every rand earned by the big corporate rooibos companies that have misappropriated Khoi and San traditional knowledge in the past. And they’ve won. There are few places in the world where such a claim has succeeded.

Rooibos Restitution is an intimate, optimistic, and carefully crafted story that echoes the experience of Indigenous people here in Canada and around the world.

Screening date:

Saturday, March 28
Show time 11:30 am
Advance tickets HERE

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