MAPS Canada: Exploring the Beneficial Uses of Psychedelics

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On January 23, 2020, we screened Dosed, a documentary that follows Adrianne as she turns to psychedelic medicine to overcome her depression, anxiety and addiction.

The audience stayed for a Q&A filled with great discussion, so we reached out to MAPS Canada to answer some questions for folks who wanted more insight on their organization.

How did MAPS Canada get involved with the Dosed team?

Filmmakers Tyler and Nick reached out to the MAPS Canada team and mentioned the project they were working on. Furthermore, Trevor Millar, the chair of our board, was involved a lot in the film and also served as a connection between the Dosed team and MAPS team.

For our members who did not attend, tell us a bit about MAPS Canada and its organizational goals. 

The goal of MAPS Canada is to plan, conduct and publish scientific research and education supporting the beneficial uses of psychedelics. This includes for things such as PTSD, depression and anxiety, as well as applications for spirituality and creativity.

Was there a topic that wasn’t addressed during the panel discussion that you would like our audience to know about?

One thing that was not discussed was that the majority of the panel consisted of white males. The same goes for a lot of the representation in the movie. Diversity is something that MAPS Canada seeks to bring to the forefront of its research and organizational objectives, and so when diversity is lacking, it’s a call to ask what can be done to help bring these medicines to anyone who needs them, not just select groups. It’s something we’d like to openly discuss more in future panels.

How can people support MAPS Canada?

We are currently in the last leg of our fundraising campaign! We are sitting at about 190k towards our goal of 250k. Any support makes a difference, and you donations can be made on our website or by visiting our fundraiser landing page.

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