Salam Neighbor & Reel Causes 2016 AGM

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With Canada welcoming 25,000 refugees from Syria and other war torn states over the next year, Reel Causes’ Annual General Meeting proudly features Salam Neighbor, a film that directly addresses this humanitarian crisis and the men, women and children affected by it.

At the centre of creating a warm and caring community for these Canadian newcomers, will be neighbours who have a sense of the difficult situations that have brought them here. Salam Neighbor puts a very human face to Syrian refugees’ experiences, compelling us to re-evaluate mainstream media’s often negative misrepresentations. Supported by the UNHCR, Salam (hello) Neighbor’s young filmmakers take us inside Jordan, to Za’atari, the world’s second largest refugee camp just seven miles from the Syrian border. Fully embedding themselves in the camp and living alongside the thousands of Syrians struggling to restart their lives, the filmmakers connect us to the resilience, strength and creative power of people forced to flee their country to face new challenges – and opportunities.

Join us for this incredible story aimed at connecting the world to refugees, with proceeds benefiting War Child Canada’s work with Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

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The Film

Salam Neighbour

January 17, 2016,
Doors: 2:30, AGM 3:00, Show Time: 3:30

Running time: 75 minutes

With the support of a local production company and the UNHCR, Chris and Zach are the first filmmakers registered and given a their own tent inside Za’atari, one of the world’s largest refugee camps on the Syrian – Jordanian border. With more refugees today than any time in the last century, at first the filmmakers are paralyzed by the sheer scale the world’s most pressing humanitarian crisis, and their own American misperceptions about who they are sharing the camp with. With Salam (Hello) Neighbor, Chris and Zach create an honest and poignant East meets West story by focusing on the personal relationships they develop with various members of the camp, and though their experiences, humanize an overwhelming crisis.

Every person who watches this film can play an active role in dispelling fear and unlocking the resources needed to create a positive future, not only for refugees, but for the entire region, and for our the new immigrants who have made the incredibly difficult journey to Vancouver. This is a story that encourages us not only to be global citizens, but global neighbours as well.

Directed by Chris Temple & Zach Ingrasci (IMDB) Film IMDB | Official Site

SFU Woodward’s Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema
149 West Hastings St.

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The Cause

Reel Causes and War Child

Reel Causes Society pairs award winning, cutting edge independent films with community organizations and other non-profit, social justice organizations for events that engage, inspire and create positive change through cinema and dialogue. We begin 2016 with our annual general meeting and welcome new members to join us before the screening to learn more about our achievements in 2015, and our plans for the year ahead. Meet our newest board members and learn more about the organizations and the causes that we have supported over the years. Help us bring more great films and conversation in 2016 by becoming a premium member for just $10. Proceeds from the AGM screening of Salam Neighbor will be donated to War Child Canada to help create nurturing, stable and protective environments for Syrian refugee children who have fled to Jordan.
War Child Canada works with war-affected communities to help children through difficult circumstances with access to education, opportunity and justice.

Learn more. Visit

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About Reel Causes Society

Reel Causes partners with filmmakers and Canadian causes dedicated to addressing global social justice issues. We host film screenings followed by a Q&A session to educate and inspire our community, and provide a forum for authentic conversation around the issues that affect us locally.

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