Community Cause FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Reel Causes and the work we do! Here are some FAQ’s that may answer your questions about participating as a Community Cause at a Reel Causes’ event.



Why is Reel Causes doing these events?

Reel Causes’ mission is to educate, inspire and engage the community around social justice, environmental and health-related issues. We believe that experiencing art directed to these issues – especially through the medium of film – combined with connecting collectively as a group, and connecting with organizations working to affect positive change, provides empowering tools for individuals to make change in their own unique ways.


As an organization involved with social justice, environmental or health-related issues, your group’s participation in Reel Causes events plays a key role in helping us achieve our mission. We also hope that it will further yours!


Is Reel Causes a non-profit organization?

Yes, Reel Causes has been a BC registered non-profit organization since 2011.


Where are Reel Causes events held?

Reel Causes events are held at SFU’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts at 149 W. Hastings Street, in Vancouver’s historic Woodward’s district. The film screenings are held in the 335-seat Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema on the 3rd floor of the Goldcorp Centre.


Who pays for the cost of the film, the venue and the technical and front of house fees?

All those costs are covered by Reel Causes and our sponsors, including the generous support from SFU Woodward’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement.


What else does Reel Causes pay for?

Reel Causes pays for the cost of posters, rack cards and tickets that we will provide to your organization to help promote the event.


What does our organization pay for?

Your organization pays for your own staff time, and any fundraising or marketing materials/costs above what is provided by Reel Causes.


Who selects the film?

Reel Causes is solely responsible for choosing the film. Because we want to help support your organization as effectively as possible, we’ll ensure that the film has a theme or themes relevant to your organization’s work and mission.



Does our organization get a block of 50 tickets – for free? Really?

Yes, really. And each ticket also includes a $1 Reel Causes screening fee subscription, valid for the calendar year.



How can we use this block of tickets?

These tickets are for your use – you can use them for fundraising, you can give them to friends, supporters, valued volunteers. It’s totally up to you. The only restriction is that you can’t sell them at the event itself.


How much does Reel Causes sell its own tickets for?

Reel Causes sells advance tickets through Eventbrite and at the venue for $15 for purchasers who don’t hold Reel Causes Premium memberships.


We have people interested in buying tickets. Can they buy them online through Reel Causes’ Eventbrite page?

Definitely. Just let us know and we can set up a special tab line on our Eventbrite page for your ticket buyers. This will allow you to track exactly who buys your tickets and how many tickets your organization has sold. We will collect the money and cut you a cheque for the tickets sold. Please note that Reel Causes will deduct the credit card and Eventbrite fees charged on tickets purchased through Eventbrite.


How about setting up our own Eventbrite page to sell our block of tickets?

We ask that you don’t set up your own Eventbrite page. As part of the event’s marketing, Reel Causes cross promotes the event, tweeting and sharing your posts and links. Also, $1 of the ticket price for first time ticket buyers is a screening fee subscription (we’re required by law to charge this) and Reel Causes must account for these fees. Additionally, we’ve found that having more than one Eventbrite page tends to be very confusing to ticket purchasers.


How can we distribute our tickets?

If your ticket-buyers can’t pick up their tickets from you in advance of the event, let us know and we will arrange to have a “Will Call/Reserved Sales” table in the lobby of SFU Woodward’s Goldcorp Centre at the event that your organization must staff. Tickets can picked up there.


Prior to 5 pm on the date of your event, please be sure to provide us with a list of names of people picking up “Will Call” tickets. This really helps with traffic flow and making your supporters feel welcomed!


We haven’t distributed and/or sold all of our tickets before the event. Can the tickets be sold at the venue on the evening of the event?

No, sorry. At the venue, your organizations can only distribute “Will Call” (ie. pre-sold) tickets or tickets that have been reserved in advance.


We’ve sold all of our tickets and would like more. What do we do?

Get in touch with us, and we can provide you with up to 25 additional tickets free-of-charge.



What promotional materials does Reel Causes need from our organization?

Please provide us with a high res image of your logo, as well as a brief blurb about your organization. We’ll also need the name(s) and contact information for the contact person(s) from your organization.


Will Reel Causes provide promotional materials?

Yes. We can provide your organization with posters, rack cards, and a description of the event, the film and Reel Causes that you can use in your outreach and marketing. We’ll also provide you with a high res image of our Reel Causes logo.



What kind of promotion will Reel Causes do?

Reel Causes will promote the event and your organization on our website, as well as through our social media channels, media press releases, e-blasts to our membership and subscriber lists. SFU Woodward’s will

also promote the event and your organization through their website, social media channels and their own e-blasts. We also post and distribute posters and rack cards.


What kind of promotion does our organization need to do?

As a Reel Causes’ Community Cause, we ask that you promote the event (and Reel Causes) through your own social media channels, website, and to your membership and networks. The more people who know about the event, the better the exposure for your organization and its great work!


Who will do a press release?

Reel Causes will write up a press release and distribute it to our media contacts. We will also send it to your contact person if you request it.


Can our organization write its own press release?

Certainly! If you do decide to write your own press release, you must send it to us first for approval.


What else does our organization need to make sure we do?

Please make sure that you clearly recognize Reel Causes as the host and organizer of the event, and include Reel Causes’ logo and URL on all promotional and media materials.


Can our organization invite media contacts to the event?

Of course. Just please let us know in advance so we don’t send the same people an invitation.


Our organization has been invited to be interviewed by the media. What do we need to do?

Clearly recognize Reel Causes as the host and organizer of the event. And if you can invite us to join you to take part in the interview, that’d be great!



How many people from our organization will need to work at the event?

We recognize that every organization has a different capacity and available people-power. At the bare minimum, you’d need to provide one person who can talk about your organization. If you have an information table, you’ll need at least one other person to oversee that. We also request that your organization provides 1-2 volunteers to help our own Reel Causes volunteers with foot-traffic flow and way-finding during the event.


How long does our organization have to make its presentation, and when will this take place?

Your organization will have up to 10 minutes to make its presentation prior to the film rolling.


What does our organization need to do for the presentation?

Be as creative as you like! This is the time to engage, excite and inspire the audience to get involved with and support your organization and cause.


Can our organization use a short video and/or power point as part of its presentation?

Of course, but you must provide us with it on a USB memory stick or other device at least 2 days before the event for approval and to make sure its format is compatible with SFU Woodward’s’ A/V system. Your


memory stick will be returned to you after the event. Just remember you have up to 10 minutes in total for your presentation prior to the film rolling.


Is there anything that our organization shouldn’t do when we make our presentation?

We ask that you don’t make strong fundraising pitches – it’s our experience that this works actually against the audience supporting your organization. Also, promotion of any religious or political viewpoints, as well as libel or slander against any group or person will not be tolerated.


Can our organization sell merchandise at the event?

Yes. Just let us know at least a week in advance so we can arrange for table(s) and display space with SFU Woodward’s. Please note that your organization is responsible for collecting the taxes or securing any necessary permits. Your organization will also be responsible for staffing the table, and neither Reel Causes nor SFU Woodward’s will be liable for any losses or thefts of materials or merchandise.


Can our organization hold a silent auction or run a 50-50 draw or raffle?

Silent auctions are fine – just let us know so we can make sure that you have the space you need. As with selling merchandise, your organization will be responsible for staffing the table, and neither Reel Causes nor SFU Woodward’s will be liable for any losses or thefts of materials or merchandise.


Raffles and 50-50 draws require licenses from the BC Gaming Commission. Your organization is responsible for securing any licenses, and Reel Causes and SFU Woodward’s are not responsible for any repercussions if the proper licensing isn’t obtained.


Can our organization serve food or beverages?

Please talk to us about this at least 3 weeks in advance of the event. If you’re planning to have more than just a few snacks on hand and/or thinking of having a catered event, special arrangements will need to be made with SFU Woodward’s and cannot be guaranteed. Your organization is responsible for securing any permits and permissions required.


Please note –SFU Woodward’s does not allow food or beverages (other than water) in the theatre itself.


Is there an event photographer?

We sometimes have an amateur volunteer photographer at the event, but cannot guarantee this. Please feel free to invite your own photographer if you have one.


Will there be a live or Skype interview with the film artist(s) as part of the event?

We do our best to invite the filmmaker or other film artists to join us for a live or Skype interview, however we cannot guarantee this.


Anything else our organization should be aware of?

Have fun! Enjoy the event, enjoy connecting with a great group of people, and enjoy helping them learn about and engage with your organization and your cause!


If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us at or through your Reel Causes contact person.