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The oldest environmental non-profit in Canada, Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), has been fostering urban sustainability with practical solutions for our community since 1969. SPEC empowers local communities in the Lower Mainland to build a greener future through interactive programs and activities.

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch April 17, 2019

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Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation

The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support innovative health care at the Dr. Peter Centre in Metro Vancouver. The Dr. Peter Centre is British Columbia’s only HIV day health program and 24-hour nursing care residence.

BPM November 30, 2018

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Positive Living BC

Positive Living BC is dedicated to empowering persons living with HIV/AIDS through mutual support and collective action. Uniquely among major agencies in Canada, the Positive Living BC Board of Directors is composed entirely of HIV-positive members.


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Reconciliation Canada

Born from the vision of Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, Gwawaenuk Elder, Reconciliation Canada is leading the way in engaging Canadians in dialogue and transformative experiences that revitalize the relationships among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians.

Kayak to Klemtu September 20, 2018

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Fat Panic!

Fat Panic! are an alliance of people of all sizes who are committed to ending the oppression of fat people, and to working towards a society in which no one is taught to hate their own or anyone else’s body, for any reason.

Fattitude May 31, 2018

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Wilderness Committee

Wilderness Committee is Canada’s people-powered, citizen-funded wilderness protection group. They have more than 60,000 supporters, volunteers and activists working together to preserve wilderness, protect wildlife, defend parks, safeguard public resources and fight for a stable and and healthy climate.

#WorthFightingFor: environmental short films Hunting Giants and Water Warriors

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PHS Community Services Society

PHS Community Services Society strives to develop, maintain and promote affordable housing for adult individuals who are poorly served elsewhere in the community due to their physical health, mental health, behavioural issues, substance dependencies, forensic history, and for those who are homeless.


Throughout the year, Reel Causes partners with a different charity or non-profit society for a film event at SFU Woodwards’ Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema.

At our events, our partner organizations showcase their work to our film audience, raising awareness about what they do and the causes they address. Click on the logos to find out more!

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