Vancouver Foreign Film Society

Reel Causes is thrilled to partner with the Vancouver Foreign Film Society and the summer screening of Court India’s Oscar nominee in 2016 and a multi award winner.  Screening is  at 8:30 pm on Tuesday July 26th at the Cinematheque (1131 Howe Street).

There are courtroom dramas, and then there’s “Court”  VARIETY [JayWeissberg]          16 International Film Awards

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India’s judicial system comes under review in Court, a film that keeps a wary, and therefore amusingly light, distance from its subject. When we meet 65-year-old singer-poet Narayan Kamble (played by real-life activist Vira Sathidar, who’s actually a decade younger) he’s in a shabby Mumbai courtyard, delivering an increasingly angry rant about the system. So it’s no big surprise when the police drag him off the stage...more